Written by @katemural  (aka Kate Michi Ettinger). This piece has been reproduced with permission.

home. that place where you belong
deep inside,
deep inside-
like a cave you went
spelunking in to
back in time til
when you didn’t know to know who you were-
you laughed
real, open, spontaneous,
unencumbered by stuff that doesn’t matter

home. that place where the essence of who you are
as a constant companion
gnawing, reminding you never to forget-
this moment is precious.
this life is precious.
will you remember who you are
when fear drives you far away
lost from who you were meant to become,
when things get so busy
the flame almost snuffed invisible-
cold inside as hollow nights
roll into days of empty darkness-
can you make a fire to find your way back

we may live our whole life from its flame
yet never know that it is there
simply fueled by it
to grace life with our presence.
some wander in search of a home,
others nest in one place
within familiar sets, they call home.
for others, home is where their hat is.
for others, home is where their love is.

home. that place between me and life-
friend, family, food, cupcakes, stranger, nature-
a wave on the sand at sunset beckons me to
flows in the full emptiness of communion
alive, dynamic, together
with ….
earnest, real, at ease
in the fabric of life-
that’s where you’ll find me
that magic is my home
come visit anytime.

@katemural  (aka Kate Michi Ettinger)

This piece has been reproduced with permission.

Clouds at sunset

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