Home – the journey

This post was written by Souvik during his feverish recovery from an infection. It speaks to the soul. Genesis and a glimpse into the future When did my journey start – perhaps it was twenty-five years back when my father found his better half and finally became whole as he whispered sweet nothings in my mother’s … More Home – the journey


Written by Brooke Sachs. Reproduced with permission. A big warm hug. My fingers tightly wrapped around the bottom half of a steaming hot cup of tea. Long socks and comfortable ridiculously unattractive indoor clothes. Four hour long conversations about dreams, gender, health, politics, music, psychology and philosophy only interrupted by a need to sleep. This is my … More Homesick

Home in a Bag

Written by the wonderful, talented Bernard. More of his work can be found here. Jenny rolled her suitcase along the corrugated speed escalator down the wide airport corridor to Domestic Terminal Gate 9. The clackalacking of the bag’s polyurethane wheels increased in intensity as she weaved her way around the stationary travellers pockmarked along the … More Home in a Bag


Written by @katemural  (aka Kate Michi Ettinger). This piece has been reproduced with permission. home. that place where you belong deep inside, deep inside- like a cave you went spelunking in to freefall back in time til when you didn’t know to know who you were- you laughed cried played explored real, open, spontaneous, unencumbered by stuff that doesn’t … More Home